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Web Site Links

Trainer Styles:

Chapter 8 of the book discusses the importance of learning styles – both in participants and trainers – and references the work of Honey and Mumford. Visit this link to explore more on learner and trainer styles…

The 4MAT System:

Chapter 9 of the book discusses the importance of structure in engaging the attention of an audience. Over 30 years ago Dr. Bernice McCarthy developed the 4MAT system by synthesising research into student learning in US schools. The 4MAT system is a great way to plan and structure business training. Find out more by visiting ‘About Learning’, the web site of Dr. Bernice McCarthy…

The Kite Foundation:

Learning transfer must be a critical consideration for those involved in business training. The Kite Foundation have a particular focus in this area and create a report based on research they conduct on different aspects of this important topic and why so little business training results in real change. Find out more by visiting their web site…

The Møller Centre:

In Chapter 15 of the book we focus on the learning environment and its impact on the effectiveness of business training. An example of an outstanding learning environment is that provided by The Møller Centre. Visit this link to find out more about how they create a great environment to support learning…

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Examples of One Liners for Use in Training

Ice Breakers

Different Development Approaches

Nested Loops

Use of Spikes

Best Practice for Outstanding Conference Presentations

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