Welcome to our Virtual Book launch

2 May 2013
Comments: 2
2 May 2013, Comments: 2

A warm welcome to our virtual book launch!  We have got a great day planned and we hope you will visit us regularly throughout the day to see what has been happening.

Please watch the very short video below (3 minutes) to find out who we are, why we wrote the FT Guide to Business Training, and what we believe our book can do for you.

We will be posting every hour throughout the day starting at 9am, putting videos and information on the blog that can help you in your role.  We also have a free Training Resources Pack that supports the book and we will send it to you if you put your name and email address in the box on the right of this page now.

We would also love to hear your current training challenges and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about business training.  You can either:

  • post these at the foot of this blog
  • email them now to info@ftguidetobusinesstraining.com or
  • tweet them to us (click the twitter link at the bottom of the page to follow us)

and we will answer them here on the blog.  We will also be giving FREE copies of the FT Guide to Business Training away throughout the day by chosing someone randomly from the comments on each blog, your emails or your tweets!

And of course just a reminder that you can buy the book using the links to the right of this page.  Finally, if you have any colleagues that you think may be interested in our virtual launch today then please share this blog with them using the buttons below.  And please join us again at 10am to find out how trainers need to adap to the new business environment.

Tom and Jerry

2 responses on “Welcome to our Virtual Book launch

  1. Sue Bungard says:

    You mention you Train the Trainer programme on your website – when will that be available and do you have any more information? Thanks

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Sue, thanks for the question. We are looking to develop a train the trainer programme for next year. We are very excited about it and we have some specific ideas, some of which we can tell you about. It’s going to be aimed at experienced trainers who want to take their training to the next level. It will feature us training, master classes, coaching, observation, supervison and some star names. The FT guide will be a resource we use. The programme will be available both in house and also as an open programme. What we are interested in is the content – so for those trainers out there we have a survey which is on the Train the Trainer page of this website. This will help us target the content and the ‘how’ of delivery mechanisms. Thanks, Jerry

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