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15 April 2013
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15 April 2013, Comments: 4

Welcome to the FT Guide to Business training.  You may already be an experienced trainer looking for inspiration, a training or L&D manager who wants to be seen as a performance expert, or a consultant looking for better ways to engage with your clients and ensure your training sticks.  Whoever you are, we very much hope you can join us for our virtual book launch on 2nd May.  We are really excited about the launch and are looking forward to hearing from our visitors throughout the day.

We are running the whole event from the Blog –  In advance of the day we would be delighted to hear about your current training challenges so that we can share our thoughts and come up with solutions to share with everyone during the day.   There are 4 ways you can do this:

  • Email them to us now to
  • Connect with us on LinkedIn and send us your questions – connect with Tom  or connect with Jerry 
  • Post them as comments now at the bottom of this blog
  • Post  them on the blog throughout  the launch day on 2nd May.

We will answer as many as possible during launch day on 2nd May and share our thoughts, but if for any reason we can’t answer everyone we will post our answers on the blog after the event.

You can sign up for our FREE Training Resources pack now, which supports the content of the book and is a great stand-alone resource.

Here are details of the launch day:

Virtual Launch on 2nd May – Plan for the Day

Just add this page,, to your favourites now, and then visit the website from 9am on 2nd May and throughout the day to see what is happening.  We will be giving away free books worth £21.99 throughout the day, and will be posting information, tips and advice regularly, including:

  • How trainers need to adapt to the new business environment
  • The characteristics of a bad trainer
  • Find out more about training needs analysis
  • How you can improve the way you deliver content
  • How to have a blended approach to ensure learning transfer
  • And lots more!

We very much hope you will join us on 2nd May.

Tom and Jerry

4 responses on “Virtual Book Launch

  1. Kevin Doolan says:

    Good morning (from a sunny Manchester!). Who are the target audience for the book – is it trainers or people in L+D who organise training?

    • Jerry says:

      Great question Kevin, thanks for that. The book is intended for anyone connected to ensuring that business training hits the mark – so this could be internal L&D people, internal trainers and external consultants and trainers. Finally the FT Guide will be useful for those managers in organisations who have to train and develop their people.

  2. Rob Brown says:

    Great book and a terrific way to soft launch gents. here’s a question that’s relevant to trainers like myself who deal in soft skills. I coach and train on business networking, relationship capital, likeability and collaboration. How can we demonstrate tangible ROI from such interventions?

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Rob Thanks for the question – nice easy one!! We do have some things to say about ROI and also ROE (Return on Expectation) in our book. Often corporate businesses struggle to devote the extra resources to identifying an ROI even if they see it as attractive, so it can be a tough one if you are delivering training directly for an organisation. We typically are able to do this for sales training, pitch training and fee negotiation training (both corporates and professional service firms).
      As far as networking is concerned, which is of course your specialism (and I know you have a great reputation in this arena – we have seen you deliver!) it is about how much more business have you won. In order to get a pure ROI you would have to identify activity before and after any training and have a control group (ideally). For individuals it will be about these sort of things:
      - Number of networking events attended
      - Number of contacts made
      - New business won (and timescales)
      - Value of orders
      - Repeat orders
      I remember reading an article from the BNI founder Ivan Mizner which you may well already have seen identifying some independent research on ROI in his business networking organisation. Here is the link
      Hope that helps and on the basis that you are the UK’s leading expert in networking – could we ask you please to spread the word about The Financial Guide to Business Training? Many thanks Rob, Jerry

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