The Power of Influence – Tom’s interview with Share Radio

18 May 2015
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18 May 2015, Comments: 0

Tom Bird taling on Share Radio about the power of influence May 2015One of Tom’s favourite sayings is “we cannot NOT influence”.

This is because we all influence in our everyday interactions, whether we are aware of it or not, and of course we often try to influence consciously in many of our business situations.

So Tom was delighted to be invited to talk to Nick Peters, journalist and Editor of Business First magazine, on his weekly programme on Share Radio.

You can listen to the interview here.

The show, called “Shop Floor”, is all about work and the workplace in all its forms. Nick was interested in the idea of sales as a culture, and he wanted to explore how influence can be used to empower everyone in the organisation to ‘sell’ the company every time they deal with a customer.

Tom had a great time talking to Nick about C-cubed influence, how mindset effects our ability to influence, and how C-cubed influence is having an impact in organisations around the world by helping people to improve their performance in high stakes influencing situations such as pitching and presenting.

NIck Peters, Presenter of Shop Floor on Share RadioShare Radio is one of London’s newest radio stations, and you can listen to the radio interview here.

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