The Challenge of Personal Effectiveness

24 October 2013
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24 October 2013, Comments: 0

Training professionals have very busy work lives juggling the needs of stakeholders, participants, their own administration and answering the various needs and requests from others around them. The people I work with regularly in this area are simply getting ‘busier’ year on year and a real challenge for them is how to balance work commitments in a way that prevents them simply working longer days and eating into their weekends just to keep up with the workload.

I met some guys a couple of weeks ago who really do seem to have an answer to this. They have a programme based on a compelling book by David Allen called ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD). It provides a very practical ‘how to’ for managing the things you need to get done in a way that actually reduces stress and makes you more effective. What I particularly like is the approach of capturing everything you have to do and breaking it down into specific next actions and making conscious choices to take immediate action, delegate or defer it. I am a good way through the book and can see the sense in it.

The company is called Next Action Associates and they provide everything from the ‘Getting Things Done’ book through to public ‘open’ programmes to learn their approach, in house training to target the specific needs of your people and coaching around the technique. Their web address is – check them out.

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