Our 10 Key Training Principles

17 December 2013
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17 December 2013, Comments: 0

Here are our 10 presuppositions about delivering training. These are the key principals which we focus on when delivering a conference or seminar.


  1. I consider the participants to be adults and equals, rather than children. They need to be involved and consulted and be able to challenge the material
  2. I can make a positive difference to people’s lives
  3. I have a high level of control over how the training will be received by the participants.
  4. My main focus is on the state of the audience, their learning objectives and agreed business outcomes
  5. My state, behaviour and attention to detail about the learning environment will have a significant impact on how the training is received
  6. The emotional state of the audience is a key success factor and I can influence this
  7. Any group is more likely to be engaged if they are participating
  8. I can never have a bad day – I must always ‘be up for it’
  9. If I constantly link any theory with practical applications back in the workplace, I will improve chances of learning transfer
  10. I welcome challenge, criticism and questions – it will add richness to the learning experience for all as I handle them effectively.


One of the subjects that we discuss on our train-the-trainer workshops is that as the trainer, it is essential for you to be a bigger version of your natural self.  You may naturally be an extrovert or an introvert; both types can be a great trainer, but the performance still needs to be there. You need to hold the centre, work the audience, create emotion and drive the action.  Do you have anything to add to our list?  If so we would love to hear from you.

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