Mentoring – why we should all be doing it

4 December 2015
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4 December 2015, Comments: 0

Mentoring is fresh on my mind at the moment having recently worked with a client on a mentoring programme.  It occurred to me that mentoring offers so many benefits to both the organisation and the individuals involved … but I believe that sometimes the value and impact can be under-estimated.

So here are my thoughts as to why any organisation, no matter what size, should consider how it can benefit from introducing mentoring at every level across the workplace.

Mentoring – the benefits

For the organisation the obvious key benefits are improved employee engagement and higher performance as a result of the employees being more motivated and committed to do their best once they enter this process.  According to ‘Ed Michaels in his book  ’The War for Talent’ 95% of mentees said the experience motivated them.

Mentoring impacts the bottom lineBetter retention of staff is highlighted by the Centre for Creative Leadership which discovered that 77% of companies found that mentoring improved their retention rates.  But mentoring also engenders a culture of learning and developing that can impact the bottom line in other ways.  Once learning is part of what the organisation does, ie. it is institutionalised, the process becomes faster, employees become more adaptable and agile, and this ability can make all the difference when times are hard or the competition gets tougher.

For employees there is an almost endless list of benefits, such as insight, empowerment, support, space to think, career clarity… a sense of belonging…..the list goes on.  But what about the mentor, what do they gain from the process?  Well, sharing their knowledge and helping others to grow and flourish gives great satisfaction to many people.  And soft skills such as empathy, patience and encouragement are developed which can contribute greatly to a more cohesive and happier team.

So here is a summary of how mentoring can be used in business, what needs to be in place for great mentoring and the 3 essential core skills that are needed.


Have you been a mentor or mentee?  If so we would love to hear about how it helped you.

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