How to Improve the Way you Deliver Content

2 May 2013
Comments: 2
2 May 2013, Comments: 2

As a business trainer (internal or external) you will of course be delivering content to your participants. You, like us, will always be looking for ways to ensure this content is delivered effectively and lands with the audience. You will have your own ways of delivering and much of it will work. We focus in our book The Financial Times Guide to Business Training on a range of ideas to make your content even more accessible to every audience. In this brief blog, put together for the soft launch, I will attempt to give you some ideas that you can use immediately and other teasers that may tempt you to go and buy the book!

We have witnessed (and delivered) some business training that has not worked very effectively. I imagine you have as well! We of course do learn from failure as well as success. Here are, in our view, the 5 most common mistakes that we have seen business trainers make:

  • Too vanilla – the content is not contextualised and there has been little or no bespoking
  • Too much information – mistaking quantity for value to audience
  • Don’t get audience motivated to listen – do not focus on WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)
  • Poor delivery of material – poor vocal delivery, weak body language and lack of passion
  • Not enough variety in delivery style – focusing too heavily on 1 or 2 learning styles

These may or may not correspond with yours – tell us your views!  What are the mistakes that you have now corrected? What do you notice hinders other trainers from delivering great content that sticks?

So what does good look like? Here is a content delivery model that we often use with a specific application. So some information for all learning styles!  To make it really accessible let’s got with a section from a presentation skills programme – the specific section is how to make a compelling start to a presentation.

Content Delivery Model

As you may well appreciate, being a business trainer is a privilege.  There is no more important or satisfying task than helping people to learn and develop.  We have included some key ideas about how to bring the learning alive in Part 4 of our book called ‘The Trainer as Performer’.

  • Are you tempted to find out more about?:
  • The foundations of group influencing
  • The Power of 3 which will allow you to focus on your key messages
  • How to remember names easily and quickly
  • How to use a coaching model to facilitate group thinking
  • The 4a model for answering questions
  • How to use nested loops (find out what these are and the link to Ronnie Corbett!!)
  • Improvise like the Comedy Store Players
  • Use humour to make connections and relax your participants

If any of these spark an interest for you then you will enjoy Part 4 of our new book! The way you deliver content is pivotal to your success. It’s one of the key areas you can control and there are dozens of ideas that we want to share with you that will increase your credibility and ability to engage any audience, any time!

2 responses on “How to Improve the Way you Deliver Content

  1. Nicola says:

    I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this virtual book launch. Thank you for sharing information and setting up teasers to encourage us to buy the book. I for one will definitely buy one as I can see I will benefit from lots of key information. Hope you are both enjoying this?

    • Jerry says:

      Hello Nicola – thank you so much for joining us today and I am really glad to hear you are enjoying the event. Yes, we are having great fun – its very busy and we are getting lots of great comments and emails. Perhaps when you have read the book you could review it on Amazon for us? Best, Jerry

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