Are trainers performers?

26 August 2015
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26 August 2015, Comments: 0

Presenting is part of business training

Do you consider the performance you give as a trainer a vital part of your preparation for a training session?  Do you perhaps prepare for your role as a trainer as an actor would, by finding the right state and tapping into the right emotions to inspire your group?

The trainer as a performer

We believe the best trainers would answer ‘yes’ to these questions.  As a trainer you should be a bigger version of your natural self.  It is essential that you feel confident about presenting every time in order to hold the centre, work the audience, create emotion and drive the action.  All things an actor must do too – and you may even get some applause if you put on a good show!

And remember a live training event is also a social occasion too, and so it is an opportunity to interact – to tell, ask questions, argue, discuss, challenge, share experience, to use humour and fun, get creative and network.  In fact all of the things that happen in the everyday business environment!

Engaging your group

Engaging your audience is key when trainingThe key to delivering your best performance lies in how well you engage with your participants.  If you are able to build a connection with your audience and hold their attention then you are more likely to be able to lead them where you need them to go in order to make the change your training is designed to deliver.

As trainers we have a lot of tools in our bag that we can use to engage the participants such as variety in the way we deliver the content, and using exercises, ice breakers, using stories, questions, using what happens in the room, and even encouraging a safe atmosphere of honesty and authenticity.

But we also need to consider and design the emotional journey we are taking our participants on.  Not only how we can best structure that journey for maximum learning but also how we can use our voice and body language, and how we can pace the group in order to influence them to want to make the change we are trying to achieve with the training.

Modelling top presenters

The trainer as a performerWe often find it helpful to look at inspiring presenters to research what can be done to perform well when delivering training.  We are currently modelling some top presenters for our new book, The Financial Times Leaders Guide to Presenting (coming out towards the end of next year), by watching them present and breaking down how they do what they do.

Who do you feel is a truly outstanding presenter?  If there is anyone from the world of business or education who you think in an excellent presenter we would love to hear your suggestions.  Or perhaps there is someone in your company who you feel is an exemplar and who we may be able to interview?  If you have any ideas please just put your suggestion in the reply box below and send it over to us.


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